Top 8 Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Wedding DJ

We’ve all heard our fair share of “horror stories” of weddings or other special events that may not have went as planned. If you are currently searching for a DJ, then you probably want the best quality entertainment but for a fair price. A special event or your big wedding day only happens once, so when searching for a DJ it is important to treat the process like an interview and learn the most you can about the vendor. Here are some of the top questions to ask your Indianapolis DJ before hiring them:

1. Do you DJ full-time? Are you serving as resident DJ at any local bars/clubs/restaurants?

Experience is a priority, and when you’re looking for someone to DJ your special event, you must find someone who has extensive expertise within the industry. A wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Quinceanera, or any other special event is unlike any other celebration, and the DJ plays one of the important roles in setting the tone for the evening. Determining whether they’re a successful entertainer who will bring a level of experience and flexibility.

2. What is your primary focus as a DJ? Do you do more weddings, corporate, or private events?

The first question to this post will likely get the answer to question two, but depending on the type of event your are hosting, this is a great question will give you even more of a understanding on the type of experience your prospective DJ has. Some local DJs have more experience in clubs and restaurants rather, while other DJs have more experience in private events like corporate, special events, and weddings. Of course, this doesn’t mean a club or a street DJ couldn’t play for your wedding, in fact, we believe that most of club DJs in Indianapolis are the best in the city. So, just because a DJ doesn’t have a huge portfolio in weddings or special events, doesn’t mean they can’t ROCK it!

3. What Type of Equipment Will You Use? Do You Have Backup Equipment?

When looking for the best DJ, it’s always good to find someone that uses a real pair of turntables. If you find someone that know their way around real turntables, then they likely have years of experience and will have no problems blending music for your event. Ask the DJ what type of backup equipment they will bring; it is inevitable that something will fail eventually and the right DJ will be prepared for it.

4. How Do You Customize Each Event? Are There Any Services You Offer Other Than DJ’ing? Lighting? Special EFX?

With so many DJs in Indianapolis, there are a variety of options to choose from. This is a great question when asking your prospect DJ because it will help shed a little more on their experience. Figure what other effects each service has to offer such as lighting, smoke, dancing on clouds, monograms, etc… Not every service is the same, if you have to, you can always mix and match different services to create the best ambiance.

5. Do You Handle Song Requests?

Some DJ services do not offer song requests, this is not uncommon. You definitely want a DJ that has a great library of music and the flexibility to take song requests, but it is important to remember that your DJ will not have everything. The #1 thing to remember after you hire a DJ is to submit your playlist requirements such as your mother/son & father/daughter dances, bridge & groom’s first dance, and any additional “gotta hear it” dance songs you would like beforehand. Upon your big day, your DJ will mix your selected music into a blend with other alike artists.

6. Do You Have Mixes or Samples?

Just about any DJ you ask should have an active SoundCloud account with up-to-date sets of the latest musical trends. Although you may not have time to listen to hours of music from multiple DJ services, it is a good idea to at least skim through each mix to get a feel for their taste of music.

7. Have You Ever Played at Our Selected Venue? Are You Able to Call the Event Coordinator Before Hand?

Every venue is different, so it is important that your DJ gets in contact with your event coordinator and the venue before the day of your event day. In some cases, a venue will have a vendor fee, this means each external vendor that comes to serve at your event will have to pay a fee to operate within the venue. Other venues will require proof of insurance with a liability minimum before performing. Of course venues use these protocols to help protect themselves and most importantly to ensure you have the best event possible.

8. Is There A Selection of DJs to Choose From? What Happens If My DJ is Sick?

There are many DJ services in Indianapolis; One of the benefits of choosing a small business DJ service like Indy DJ Connect is that we always have a backup DJ on call. If you do happen to know a solo DJ that you have in mind, just make sure they are competent and experienced with live events, and you shouldn’t have any problems!

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  1. Kristofer Van Wagner

    My niece is getting married next summer and she has been trying to hire the perfect wedding DJ as her main entertainment during the after-party. I like that this article mentioned asking for mixes or samples from DJ so that the bride and groom can have a taste of the DJ’s music. I am meeting my niece and my sister later this weekend for a family meeting and I will pass the tip along then.

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